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*cc [Character name] - create a new character!

*c/character - Display's your character

*i/item - shows currently equiped Items

*gold - Shows the amount of gold you have

*skills - Shows the amount of skill points you have and how to use them


*d/dungeon - Complete a dungeon for some small rewards (5 min cooldown)

*b/boss - Fight a boss and collect better rewards (15 min cooldown)

*q/quest - Compete a quest and earn some rewards (1 hour cooldown)


*s/shop/store - Browse the shop to purchase new items for extra damage!

*buy [item name] - Purchase an Item from the shop

*ls - Legendary Shop lbuy - Buy a legendary Item

*lbuy [item name] - Purchase an item from the Legendary shop


*r/rest - Rest and gain back your HP

*t - Show time left on activities

*rename [new name] - to rename your current character

*lb/leader - show top players by level

*rename ["New Name"] - Rename your current character

*restartgameconfirm ["new character name"] - Reset your game

Novali is a free Discord RPG dungeon crawler. Use commands to create a character, complete dungeons, quests, and bosses. Upgrade your stats and become stronger! 

This bot was created by Anthony Terrano 2022. All rights reserved. Thank you for adding Novali to your server and enjoying! Send feeback here:

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